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I know you can filter by cache type already, but as is the D/T matrix tool only shows that cache type in the next loop in ALL TYPES you need, not a specific cache type. Makes it tougher to figure out what you need for specific cache type fizzys.
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1 Answer

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Sure. Just use the "D/T Type/Size" filter and limit to a specific type.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (181k points)
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That doesn’t work though unless I’m misunderstanding you or it’s not working as intended. That only will limit the D/T cache type to show that cache type in your entire D/T grid, not a d/t grid exclusive to only that cache type.
Then you are using the "Type/Size" filter, not the "D/T Type/Size" filter. You are describing the difference between them.
You are totally right! Somehow overlooked that. Fantastic :-)
I’m looking for this filter too but I’m not seeing it.  Is it under the statistics or tools drop down menu?  Thanks for the help.