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Name change: Macedonia

+1 vote
As of yesterday, the FYROM has officially changed its name to (Republic of) North Macedonia. Can this be changed on PGC as well?
asked Feb 13, 2019 in Bug reports by Pihoqahiak (2,980 points)
FRYOM: Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia

2 Answers

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The country names are a direct copy of the names in Groundspeak as far as I know.

When is changing so is PGC
answered Feb 14, 2019 by vogelbird (Expert) (50,950 points)
selected Nov 26, 2019 by Pihoqahiak
0 votes
I think you just have to wait. First step is official change of name. Second step is implement it to After that tools on Project-GC will not work for this state, so it will be necessary to change it here. IMHO it is not possible to change it here earlier, because the tools may not work properly until change the name. There was a similar situation recently when Czech Republic changed to Czechia.
answered Feb 15, 2019 by hynous (2,970 points)
At it never was fyrom, they just called it macedonia.
We will see. Think the name has to be an official name in the UN list. Then GC will perhaps rename it. But then it becomes a technical issue with all the caches been found etc etc.