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Can we have a filter on the "Is this a challenge or not" list so we can only see the challenges one has not voted on?

+1 vote
I now have to scroll through a very long list. When I get tired of scrolling I stop voting.

With my suggestion implemented I would be challenged :-)  to vote on the entire list
asked Feb 14, 2019 in Feature requests by MoVeD (200 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
There appears to be a filter which does exactly what you request It is in the filter box on the lower right hand side of the challenge moderating page. I have just run it and it brings to the top those challenges I haven’t voted on yet. The four choices in the filter box are:

* Show all  

* Show those I haven't voted on

* Show those where I have voted against the crowd

* Show those with at least two positive and negative votes

Hope this helps
answered Feb 14, 2019 by GCZ Team (19,760 points)
Thank you for your prompt reply. I was misled by the translation in Dutch: "Verberg" means Hide. Show would translate into "Toon".

And yes, this works fine for me. Now for me to do my homework.

Nico (MoVeD)
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