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–1 vote

Could we have the checker API page rewritten with correct commands please. When I was new to checker writing I came here a lot and struggled with the many errors.

GetFinds() is actually PGC_GetFinds()
UTF8SubStr() is actually PGC_UTF8SubStr()

Another quirk I discovered is libraries - for instance math.abs() = MathAbs(), string.len() = StringLen(). Mentioning this would also help.

On a related topic, after running a checker the user is presented with "Note that Project-GC has a latency of about 24-36 hours. For more details, read the FAQ." Actually, this can be up to 7 days, for non PGC paid up memebers. Also many geocachers are not so savvy to realise what "latency" means. Perhaps "Note that Project-GC can take up to 8 days to catch up with recent finds. For more details, read the FAQ" would be better.

Thanks, Tom

in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (43.2k points)

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