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 the TB Rescue Map is no longer displayed. At the place where the card is originally to be seen, I only have a grey box left. 

The problem has been there for about a week now and I can't detect any changes by changing my browser. 

I used the following options:

 Windows 10 64bit 

Firefox 65.0.1 

MS Edge v. Unknown 

Chrome 71.0.3578 

I.OS Safari 

Can anyone help? 

Greetings blend _a_med

in Support and help by blend_a_med (130 points)
We just have an empty grey rectangle too.
Its not just you... it seems down for everyone
Same with me

1 Answer

0 votes
Looks like it is up and running again.
by mojave_rattler (290 points)

In android is better than computer.