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0 votes
Woke up this morning to find my stats are totally different than what they should be .  They are correct on but wrong on project GC.

 Any help would be much appreciated
in Support and help by billy robson (120 points)
By today, it shows over 500 finds so I assume you joined PGC recently and it just takes some time to pull all your finds and generate statistics for somebody like you with almost 20 000 finds.

1 Answer

0 votes
It's up to 1500+ finds this morning so still a ways to go before it's correct. You might try doing a forced data refresh and see if that corrects things.

Click on the orange "support" button in the upper right on your profile page and select the "Self Support" option in the popup to kick off a refresh of your stats. As Jakuje says, it may take a while but shouldn't be days.
by Mike Fitz (5.0k points)