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0 votes
Bonjour, depuis fin Janvier je n'ai plus les notifications des PF et modifications de log alors que je suis toujours membre premium?

En revanche je reçois bien les notifications d'ajout de photos.

D'où vient le problème?
in Bug reports by Django & Galaxie (120 points)
Please, try to use English in your question so also the rest of the world can understand you.
As the thread opener is not reacting (maybe he does not understand English?), I’ll translate the question (hope that helps):
Since January he is not receiving anymore notifications on FPs nor of log modifications although he is still a paying member. However, he receives notifications of added photos. He wants to know what causes this problem.

2 Answers

0 votes
Il faut peut etre que tu refresh tes mails

Ou alors ca viens d'un problème du site et la je peux rien faire pour toi mon pote
by syeli (180 points)
0 votes
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marque ceux qui t'intéressent
by Ariberna (1.6k points)