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+4 votes
I've been having trouble gettin text alerts from  I thought I try to set it up here, but it seems that alerts can only be sent to the email address associated with the account.  I'd like to be able to specify an additional email address, for example, one that my cel carrier will convert to a text message so that I can get text notifications of new caches.
in Feature requests by Geo-Knot (430 points)
edited by Geo-Knot

2 Answers

0 votes
You can change you email address in the Settings:
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Yeah, that does not really solve my problem. My description was not clear enough.  I'd like to keep my regular email address as my primary email for project GC so that my billing notifications and other updates don't come through as a text, and then be able to add a second email that would allow me to get notifications for new caches as a text.
The other possibility is to do the email forwarding in your primary email. I think all the email providers allow you to do some filtering (based on the subject) and forwarding it to your text email.
Having it directly inside of PGC, would be a plus, since provides sending the notification to different emails, but it is nothing impossible to achieve without that.
Yeah, I've explored that avenue as well.  gmail makes you "verify" forwarding addresses, and ATT seems to block those verification emails (sigh). Now I'm on to a ifttt solution, it should work, but It has not panned out yet.  hoping to get it to work soon.  But right now, I can't seem to get anything to work right.  Yeah, if Project GC let me do it, I'd be a happy camper. :)
0 votes
Please try again the email forwarding. Had the same problem. They seemed to be blocked. But at the end they where just in the SPAM folder.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
I'm not sure this comment relates to the request.  I'm not having a problem getting notifications from project-gc.  This is a feature request to be able to use a different email for cache notifications.