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+2 votes

I am using map compare a way more then I need "map compare" and sometimes I want to see list of my found caches+not found which is not possible in map compare (different tabs)

Why you always have to go to map compare and strugle in there when you just need raw/plain/simple list/map of caches? I am proposing adding just simple page for showing caches. That page should have all posible PGC filterings.

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in Feature requests by vukisz (1.1k points)
retagged by vukisz
I use the Map Compare and add all missing caches to the Virtual GPS then I rename the section and add all the found caches to the Virtual GPS and rename it. That way I get both lists with different headers but in the same "page". Is this something you are looking for or do you just want to get rid of the tabs?

1 Answer

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Now even is going to release something similar that is requested in this topic: it's a pitty, that PGC still doesn't have this feature.
by vukisz (1.1k points)