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+1 vote
Hey Guys,

i have an idea: is it possible to send an e-mail, if the D/T History tool detects any changes in D/T Rating of any cache?
in Feature requests by predator1337 (330 points)
Wouldn't that mean, in essence, that all caches would have to be monitored for D/T changes, and all finders contacted in case of change?
It would have to be an opt in notification. Once you get a large number of caches you could be swamped with notifications.

More emails??

Especially anoying when retrospectively destroying achieved matrix. However, I cannot imagine, how this could work without spamming email boxes of all people...

Maybe an idea: If you click on a field in D/T matrix overview table, you would get back an info if/what a cache has been modified...
This might probably work. However hard to imagine how the database fields would need to be organized.

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