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Have just tried to access our lists on as we have done many times in the past - left hand menu on the dashboard. There is still a watchlist option and a favourites option, but no ‘lists’! Has anyone else had the same happen? We hope it’s only a temporary glitch as we would not want to lose all our lists gradually created over the last few years!
in Miscellaneous by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
We think they must be doing something with ‘lists’ as we cannot add anything to or create a new list at the moment.
Something has changed overnight as now there appears to be a separate button for lists under leaderboard. It has moved!
It looks like it moved from under the geocaches heading to its own heading under the leaderboard.  I checked and my lists are there - thankfully.  Rebuilding would have been impossible.

1 Answer

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No problem since weeks, neither for content nor for access. Note that  I use it from the new menu link at left
by Pepegeo (9.7k points)
selected by GCZ Team