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How do I obtain access to change a tag associated with an existing script?

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I want to use the script for "GC3RR5H - Texas' 1st, Six Cache Sizes in One Day Challenge (United States) ", but wish to limit it to 5 sizes:  Micro, Small, Regular, Large & Other.  I believe this tag will work:

    "limit": 5,
    "sizes": [
Please let me know how to proceed.

Jeff           jwood200

asked Mar 9, 2019 in Support and help by jwood200 (120 points)

2 Answers

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To use a checker that was already made for another cache you would go to that checker linked below and select clone tag.  Then enter in your GC.
answered Mar 10, 2019 by ormustr (4,020 points)
You can not use "clone tag" if you want to modify it (as stated in the question). Clone tag is used only for cloning exactly the same requirement as the original cache has.
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The challenge checkers requests forum is here:

Please, use it for the challenge checkers requests. Unfortunately, it is not now possible for you to tag checker scripts for your cache yourself as covered in the FAQ:
answered Mar 10, 2019 by Jakuje (Moderator) (99,210 points)