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Currently I periodic generate the same type of GPX export file manually every one or two month. I would love to automate this one day and save much time.

What I currently have to do manually:

  • Open a Statisics page like Top favourites (%)
  • Filter the results, amongst others with a custom filter like "Fav>80%,min25votes"
    (here I have to wait half a minute until the add filter menu and the custom filter menu are both select-able)
  • "Wait for Data" to see the results (wait around 10 seconds)
  • Watch the sum of results on the last results page (click through the result pages until I see the number of the last result)
  • Add Results 1-[sum of results, for example 2421] to a new virtual GPS list, exclude archived
  • Open the virtual GPS Page
    (here I have to wait up to a minute for the active virtual GPS list to be loaded)
  • Export the List to a GPX File, refresh corrected coordinates
  • Wait around 5 hours for the file to be generated and then download it
Do you know an easier and quicker way to create this kind of files? I think it would be very helpfull to create the possibility of automate things like this.
in Feature requests by PHIL (470 points)

1 Answer

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Currently there is no way to automate a query, add it to a virtual GPS and export it to a GPX, or even to automate any of those three steps. Because of the number of possible options each of those steps has, especially the first one, this would take a major piece of work. I can't see it ever happening.

Such a facility is available, in a simplified form (ie considerably less options and thus less flexibility) in's pocket queries.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.3k points)
Thanks for your honest answer. For the first two steps I now found a solution in copy the URL of the results page and paste it when I need it again. That saves half a minute work/waiting every time.

What a pitty that it is not possible for you to automate the other steps. (Yes, I know what I create is something the's PQ but they don't support filters like "all caches with more than 80% favorite points.)

But maybe my workflow could made much quicker in optimizing the waiting time at one or two places of project-gc:
- it would help a lot if it would be possible to put ALL results of a search to the virtual GPS without knowing it's exact number. If the form for add to virtual GPS would accept the input "all" instead of "1 - 2365".
- it would be great if it were possible to open the virtual GPS page without waiting up to a minute for the list to load (especially if you just want to klick on export and don't need the list itself at all. Maybe an option to open that page with minimized list so that the list itself only load if you maximize that area.