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See up in title
in Bug reports by Simãopwr (360 points)

1 Answer

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Log into the Project-GC facebook page for updates on what has been happening recently which may have caused the problem. This is what they are saying and it includes delays in updating data:

HQ is closing down their old API in a about month. We have been working hard to adapt both our code and database structures towards the new API lately. This has been a huge task with ripple effects all over the site.

Today we will release our first batch of updates. We are far from done porting the site, but this will be our step one. Before releasing the new code we will undergo database maintenance to update the schemas of the database tables, this is likely to make the site unresponsive.

There is also a big risk that we have implemented new bugs with the new code. Things that are likely to be affected with the new code is:
* Updating of geocache data, and related information to that, such as additional waypoints and images.
* Updating corrected coordinates for users.
* Authentication.

The rest of the day will be spent monitoring the site and hot-fixing potential newly implemented bugs.

PS! An API is a language for computers. It's the way Project-GC is communicating with to retrieve raw data.

Currently we are having two issues worth mentioning:
1) You can't authenticate if not already logged in at
We have added a text about this on the login page with more detailed instructions. The workaround is easy. Worst case, just try to login twice.

2) We don't have our usual rate limits using their API. Due to this fact we can't update geocache data in the pace that we usually do. We are hoping that HQ can fix that for us in a few hours when they start their work day. This is affecting our GPX building system a lot right now. It will also take us some more time to actually update finds for users, but that will take a day or so before it's noticeable.

by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
i still don't get weekly updates now?