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+1 vote
in Support and help by DARK KAT (400 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
Hi, yes,  first  make a list in virtual gps, I then use the draw feature on the virtual gps and send the challenge Caches to the list, from that list using the export feature, you can make a gpx file, csv file or export your list to a bookmark on I am not an IOS user but I'm sure Cachly will accept it.
by rockn'roll (610 points)
That's great and certainly allows me to create a list that I want - I can send challenges that I qualify for and those I don't to separate lists.
Many thanks for your help rockn'roll !
0 votes
Another way that will help - for all your solved puzzles, including challenges, always have corrected coordinates, and always add the corrected coordinates into the personal cache note (you can have corrected coordinates that are the same as the published coordinates). Then from Project PC using the method described by rockn'roll, or from a pocket query, create a GPX file excluding puzzle caches.

In Project GC go Profile > Solved mysteries to create a separate GPX of all your solved mysteries. This way all caches on your app are caches you can get - there are no unsolved mysteries on the map getting in the way.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.9k points)