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Am I able to get the elevation of a specific geocache which is out by 100m updated?

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I've read the FAQ on how elevations are created. FAQ#4179902386

I understand why the SRMT3 data could be out as there is a big drop off to one side of the mountain.

GC6Y5WZ is at 1611m according to however GSAK works out elevations (and also on Google Earth) but more to the point it is just below the summit of a peak which has an established elevation of 1647m on the topo map.

Project-GC says that the elevation is 1512m which is clearly incorrect.

Am I able to get Project-GC to carry out a one off update and if so how?

asked Mar 30 in Support and help by Marchwood (120 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Previously when I had asked they said there was too many caches that would need to be manually modified if they started doing them by hand which makes sense
answered Mar 30 by ormustr (3,620 points)
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It won't be a one off update. It will be a huge flood of them. I can't see PGC ever implementing manual overides of altitude data.
answered Apr 2 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (31,970 points)