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+8 votes
It would be a nice addition if the numbers of the statistics were also available for download/export as CSV.

So please add a download button to all of the statistics pages (where feasible).
in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)

4 Answers

0 votes
The best way I found to get my statistics into a CSV file is to download My Finds Pocket Query from and upload to GSAK tool (, which is now freeware and then export to CSV file.
by WanderingExplorer (7.0k points)
0 votes
Can you please explain what you want to do with the csv.

You can download a static html with all the information. As html can be uses/converted to other formats, perhaps this can already be a workaround.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
0 votes
A file with the .CSV extension is a format compatible with spreadsheets such as MS Excel.  It is also a format used to download account information from banks.  Since the data is organized in columns with headers it can be filtered and sorted to display various outputs. VGPS has a Download CSV function that works to download information regarding caches but the user is looking for this ability to be added in order to download user statistics.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
0 votes
I would love to see this feature introduced to be able to combine multiple statistics.
Like top county finders for multiple selections combined with the same for regions
by hoedinie (200 points)