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How can I obtain a list of all the geocachers who qualify for a challenge Cache?

0 votes
How I found the 10 qualifiers was to use Project GC to tell me how many geocachers found geocaches in Alaska. Then I went down the ranked list and used their geocaching ID in the Checker until I found 10 qualifiers in Ohio. While this worked, it was tedious.

I know Project-GC checks premium members to see if they qualify for Challenge geocaches but is it possible to get a list of whom qualifies for a Challenge Geocache to satisfy a Reviewer who approves and submits the proposed geocache? I can pose this request under the request for checkers if you think that is where this question belongs.
asked Apr 12 in Support and help by TheView (580 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Don't think this is available.

But you can use the statistics of to filter the task of a chällence.

I start with and try to get related caches due to the challenge tasks.
answered Apr 13 by supertwinfan (5,050 points)
This URL requires I input Profile Names. The problem is determining the Profile Names of geocachers in Ohio that found the required geocachers in Alaska. Not sure how the D/T Matrix Link does this for me.
This is how I did it.Go to STATISTICS, then FIND STATS, then Top Finders, then I inserted the
Profile Name of each geocacher, starting at the top of the list, into the Checker. I then made a list of each geocacher that qualified until I obtained the required 10 names required by the Reviewer. This solved my problem but it was tedious to achieve. Supposedly, finding 10 geocachers in your local area that qualify for a Challenge Geocache is a prerequisite to getting it approved by a Reviewer.
Thanks for your reply.