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Not published caches i archived yesterday appear in list of my created caches - why?

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Yesterday, I archived a few NOT yet submitted to review caches, which I had previously created only for me, because of a distance conflict. The idea can not be implemented and therefore I gave them into  archive. today they are in the list of caches created by me - that was not so in other cases .... Can I let delete? falsifies the statistics. Thank you

asked Apr 14 in Support and help by SATJA PEPE (120 points)
I think this can be related to the recent changes in the API and after reporting, it will get fixed soon. I would recategorize it as a bug.
I am also having the same issue with a number of unpublished caches I archived recently showing in my list of hides and changing my hide total to more than I have published. Very annoying as the statistics are false.

1 Answer

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Think that wil be difficult as you HAVE them created and you have them archived.

Perhaps a mail to HQ will help.
answered 6 days ago by supertwinfan (2,750 points)
No mail to HQ is going to help here. Yes, it was change of the API, but Project-GC will have to adapt.
thanks! but I've had that a few times in the past, that I've created caches and deleted before release, because HQ had something to complain about, that has never been transferred to project-gc .... I'll wait and see
Same problem, reported to Project-GC Support