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+5 votes

This feature request concerns a problem that I have run into a great number of times now: It does not follow naturally for me to always create a new VGPS list before I start searching for caches that I would like to go and find. Often times I can be browsing through multiple search tools (mostly Map Compare) and then figure out that I would like to save that to a list. The workflow of Map Compare is currently such that you need to have created and selected your VGPS list ahead of time if you wish to add to it.

The suggestion is to add a button to (at least) Map Compare along the lines of this:

New button on Map Compare

If clicking the "New" button, you would be presented with the create new list dialogue from the VGPS page, slightly modified:

Create new list dialogue in Map Compare

The semantic of completing the dialogue would of course be:

  1. Create the new list
  2. Change the current selection to the newly created list
  3. Add the caches from the search
This would the most intuitive expectation of such a button in my opinion and it would probably require the least amount of coding to make work.
Let me know if you like the suggestion :)

Footenote: The question has been asked before, but I don't see that it got an official response back then. I think it is OK to propose it once more.

in Feature requests by Funky_Boris (9.7k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Note the answer on the other question you link to, though: you can open another tab, create a new VGPS there (or just switch to another existing one) and then switch back to the tab you were on and start adding caches. The screen might not display the proper name the first time you add but they will end up in the right one.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
You are suggesting a workaround. Thank you, but the suggestion still stands in its original form :)