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+4 votes
It apears as there is missing some data for the flag-badge for Gibraltar - Gibraltar only has one region, so it looks like a quick-fix ;-)
in Miscellaneous by oz9els (1.7k points)
Does Gibraltar have more than one region within 6.5km2 ??
No. According to my research no "states"and no "county" there is only one Gibraltar
Yea, these little states are everytime bugged a bit...

1 Answer

0 votes
Do you mean the BadgeGen "State Badge" for Gibraltar doesn't have "Diamond" written under the flag as you'd expect if you've found 100% of the states i.e. 1 of 1?

I have the Gibraltar badge which says when the mouse hovers over, that ProjectGC doesn't have enough information.  However, I do have a badge for Cayman Islands (similarly a small British Overseas Territory like Gibraltar) which says I have 1 of 1 state so 100% and have the "Diamond" highest award.  Which is a shame really, as we have several sizeable districts here with caches in all of them.

Jersey is also a micro-state and I have the "Sapphire" badge for finding 7 of 12 parishes on a small island.

Hopefully this would be a quick fix as I think Gibraltar isn't divided up into smaller areas for any purpose - it's only 2.5 sq mi!
by Geo_Bro (310 points)