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+3 votes
In the milestone tab in the BadgeGen there is the possibility to create an own milestone list from a bookmark list. But this list looks completly different than the standards milestone lists.

It would be nice, if this list could be formated like the other lists, that is with milestone number, country flag und cachetype icon. Is that possible?
in Feature requests by tadaima (12.5k points)
Could you please elaborate - I cannot find any way to import from a bookmark list under Profile Stats anywhere.
Where is this option?
I would... but presently I only get an internal server error every time I try to display my profile stats. I will try tomorrow...
Now it works.
This is how you can create an own milestone list:
Go to and click on settings. There you will find the section "Custom cache lists". Here you can either enter some GC-codes or choose a public bookmark list of caches which you want to list either in the milestone tab or in the hidden tab.
You can see in my stats, how it looks like:
(the first three lists are the standard lists, the last one is my custom list)
Yes, I agree. Given that a list, eg a bookmark list, is just a list of gc codes, when displayed on the  milestones tab it should use milestones formatting.

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