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0 votes
The default units of measure in the Ruler / Live Map seems to km. Can it be changed to miles.
in Support and help by geo K (380 points)
never heard or saw a field to change Km to Miles

1 Answer

+1 vote
In short, no.

In Project-GC mapping tools, the tool for measuring is in kilometres, regardless of the 'Use Imperial" setting in our settings.  Not sure why.... If you would like them to change it then maybe log a "Project-GC support" help desk item

In the Geocaching web page, you can change the setting from Imperial/Metric in your preferences and this will then sort by your preferred measure.  (  The Live Map lists both of course, metric above the line, imperial below.

The iPhone App is simliar, metric can be set on/off, in More->Settings.  It is then used for everything.
by GreyHams (1.7k points)
Thanks for your time and reply.