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The list of attributes is missing "is part of a GeoTour" attribute.  (see GC5DGKY, for an example)
closed with the note: Question answered, nothing missing.
in Miscellaneous by Wet_Coaster (500 points)
closed by Wet_Coaster
Where? What list of attributes?
At the bottom of the 'Finds' tab on the 'Profile stats' page, there are two tables for Collected Attributes.  Positive and negative attributes are shown with the number of each that a person 'collects'.  The "is part of a GeoTour" attribute is not in the 'Positive Attribute' table.

Some Positive Attributes don't have a corresponding Negative Attribute.
The  GeoTour attribute is number three in the second line. Not all attributes have negative versions.
Sorry about all this, I just couldn't see it when I was looking right at it.

My comment about positive/negative wasn't said well by me.  Some attributes don't have a corresponding negative because it wouldn't make sense to have one.

1 Answer

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There are some more attributes missing in project-gc vs. possible attributes. The list of 66 positive and 41 negative attributes are only a selection.

Would also like to have them all.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)