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On the morning of may 4th I requested a couple of GPX files from the export system.  This morning may 5th they have not been generated yet.

The queue count show in the export dialog has been creeping up over that time.  It is now above 100.

Any idea when this might clear?
in Support and help by sloth96 (3.7k points)

1 Answer

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I have the same problem and I had the same question.  That's how I got the answer:
Yes there are changes taking place. Look at lots of the recent threads here in Support. Also, there are banners when you log in saying “We are currently switching to's new API, this has caused some unforeseen side-effects and bugs, and we are likely to both find and implement some more during this process.”

We all have to wait while everything catches up. I’m sure eventually all be fine, and even better than it was before.
We have to wait.
by nimir (2.1k points)