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We are paid members of both Groundspeak and PGC. Today for the first time, I got this message when I opened the "Map Counties" tool: Premium only caches are hidden from the map. To show them, please upgrade your Groundspeak accountWe should be eligible to see Premium caches.

Perhaps the cause of this is that strictly speaking,we are not "Premium Members". We are Charter Members, but that membership type includes all Premium features. Is it possible PGC is only looking for "Premium" status when it should be looking for both "Premium" and "Charter" here? If so, it wouldn't be the first time that has happened with various apps and websites over the years. 

in Bug reports by Team Tierra Buena (180 points)
You are probably right. The Charter membership is not very common and there could have been some change in the recent API changes how this is communicated to the PGC, which needs to be updated. Thank you for reporting this issue.
Is this still an issue? I have looked in our database and I can only see that your account should be considered as a "premium". We are aiming to treat "Charter" and "Premium" the same way, and the related changes in the API should be handled.

I haven't heard about his exact issue from anyone else, so we don't have much to go on right now. Sadly. I have tried to run the related functions with your account-id and they do return that you are premium which is confusing.

If it's still an issue, could you try logging out from the site and re-authenticating?

PS! In our early days we didn't know about Charter, and back then we did not treat you as Premium, but that's many years ago.
I logged out and re-authenticated as you suggested (BTW, it seems I now have to re-authenticate every time I log in; perhaps that's relevant?), but I'm still getting the same error messages.

Actually there are two error messages that display. I only listed one in my OP. The second message that appears with the first reads: "0 premium only caches are hidden from the map. To show them, please upgrade your Groundspeak account." I have never seen a number other than 0 in that message.

I have a screen shot of the messages. If you want to see it, let me know how to attach it in this thread or where to email it to you.
Update: I just looked at the "Solved Mysteries" page for the first time in months, and got this message: "2 premium only caches are hidden from the map. To show them, please upgrade your Groundspeak account.". That's the first time I've seen a non-zero value in the message, so this has become a bit more significant to us, since if the message is correct, we aren't seeing caches we ought to be able to see. I have a screenshot of this as well if you wish to see it also.
Is this still happening?  It was reported soon after the API changes took affect... if it has been resolved, we should reflect that here.

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