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I have found a Cache 800m below sea level GC38TF7 "Kristallgrotte Merkers Teufe 800 Meter".

But my stats say lowest elevation is -4 m. Head-in-the-grounds-award is also not updated. Whats wrong, what can I do?


in Bug reports by sunnyhill_Ahrtal (120 points)
OK thanks for clarifying. So the "Head-in-the-grounds-award" makes no sense as there is no information about how far your head has been in the ground, right?
The Badge Head-in-ground is meant for the caches in places where the earth surface is really below the see level (Dead Sea, but many other places on the earth).
OK, somewhat misleading IMHO, as ones head then always is meant to be ON the ground, never IN the ground ;-)
It depends on altitude.

2 Answers

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800 meters under the ground is not 800 meters below the sea level. On the map, I see the cache on the altitude of 250 meters above sea level and that is the value Project-GC is using.

Please, read the FAQ on the page: PGC does not do manual modifications of the altitude of caches, neither if they are in deep mine nor when they are on high tree or lookout tower. The altitude used is always the one that is collected from available sources.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
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All caches have elevations at the ground level of where there cache icon is (elevation is not a parameter that is included in the cache data from That means that caches in caves, mines, etc count as ground level.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (165k points)