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I have created a list of the most favorited cache in every US county - 3141 caches in total.

When I go to Export Map List - that mapping functionality limits to the first 3000 caches (just under my total list size).

It would appear that the default sorting mechanism for which caches get shown is based on age - older caches to newer and that the 3000 oldest caches appear.

Is there any way to force the mapping tool to use a different sort?

Or is there a way to increase the number of caches mapped?

I know that I could remove found from the list, but the idea is I want the most favorited cache by county on a single list.

Another solution would be to have a master list of the 3141 and then to copy the list to a new virtual gps lists and have one completed list and one as in-progress or unfound etc. But I cant figure out how to do that either. Is there a way to create a duplicate of an existing list?
in Support and help by diorex (580 points)

1 Answer

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Create 4 bookmark list in

Select your GPX, show it at screen as list show all on one screen (you may select in bottom of screen up to 5000 caches shown or by 1000, because next step is easier with 1000)

select 1st page (or reduce to the not found), export to a one of the bookmark lists (1000 max in each) predefined. loop for as many different bookmark list as needed

Create your new GPX, import from Bookmark lists
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
Appreciate the response - I may be missing something.

I go into my virtual GPS - I change show value to 1000.

I select the caches on page.  

When I try and export to bookmark list I get an error - as if the export was trying to upload all 3000+ caches instead of just the selected caches.

I tried exporting to GPX and all caches are exported to GPX instead of just selected ones.

If I can figure out how to just export selected I know the rest, but everything is being exported every time.
I suspect that when you export to vGPS you are exporting to the same vGPS? make sure you are doing this:
* Map the vGPS
* Open another tab and change the vGPS (or create a new one)
* Switch to original tab. It will still show the imported vGPS at the top of the page as the screen has not been updated, but in fact it is the new vGPS that is. selected
* Select caches and save to vGPS.