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+1 vote
Verify tag for my challenge checker GC5PQVB not correct .

For Reni-Chris showing not OK.

But single check showing OK.
in Bug reports by speedy-1702 (550 points)
recategorized by speedy-1702

2 Answers

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This took some time to figure out and understand, even with the code at hand. :)

When you are running a manual/normal check, the site uses your premium state with When running a verify the site uses the premium state of the target user. Reni-Chris is not a premium user. The consequence is that geocaches which are premium does not get their coordinates exposed to the LUA engine when running the verify-process.

I have added the following text in the DEV environment:

The tests will be run with the premium status of the target profile accounts, therefore coordinates for premium only geocaches won't be exposed to the challenge checker script if the profile is not premium.

by magma1447 (Admin) (229k points)
selected by speedy-1702
I am not sure whether this is correct according to the API usage guidelines. Some of the checkers indeed print the direct coordinates in the output or in the example log and in this case, running these checkers by non-premium users on premium users profiles can expose them, which is indeed not desirable.
The api (at least the old) removed coordinates from premium geocache data for Basic members. Since the challenge checkers are using cached data from Project-GC's database we are replicating that behavior by removing the coordinates from the data-set sent to the LUA sandbox when it's run as a Basic member.

Our license requires us to not expose the locations of Premium-only geocaches to Basic members.
If this is what is required, than it is probably fine with consistent results regardless the running user.
–1 vote
Please write to the scriptwriter/tagger by pressing the little envelop on the checker because he is the only person who can make changes to his script
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.6k points)
You misunderstood the issue.

Script and tag are fine so far.

Problem is the "verify tag" function within

Showing result "not ok" for user Reni-Chris, however the user has completed the challenge last year.

Run Checker for Reni-Chris is working fine.