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Problem viewing stats pages

0 votes
I'm having trouble viewing my stats pages when linking through from my profile on  Front page is fine, obviously, but if I click on FTF, Hides, Badges etc it takes me to ina new tab but even the front page won't load.  I've followed the advice on the authentication page (log out of, clear the cookies for project-gc,com, rebooted my laptop.  The one thing I can't do is reject access for project-gc to  When I follow the link for that the page tells me that the only sites with access to my account are the adventure lab and geocaching apps for android (though clearly project-gc must have access to my account in order to generate the stats for my profile page on a weekly basis).

Any suggestions gratefully received.  Many thanks!
asked May 12 in Support and help by BoxHunter1991 (120 points)
Can you share the screenshot what do you mean by "won't load"?

2 Answers

0 votes
Go to your profile on and edit it. Find the bit of HTML code you copied in from Project-GC. Change "_blank" to "_top" and then try again.
answered May 12 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (123,170 points)
i have the same issue. it doesnt work.
0 votes

The forwarded statistics are link based on captured image, threfore you can not use tabs :)

answered May 13 by Firewal (150 points)