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Is it possible to make a challenge checker there u should log the oldest cache in 5, 10 or more country?

+1 vote
asked May 13 in Feature requests by Ronnya71 (720 points)

3 Answers

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Checker requests should go here:

answered May 14 by sumbloke (Expert) (29,800 points)
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The short answer is no.

A challenge checker can only examine your finds, but to find the oldest cache, the checker would have to examine EVERY cache within the area (in this case, every cache in every country). There is a query available on PGC which will find the oldest cache, and you could provide a link to it in your challenge description, however this will only work for a specified area (eg a single nominated country).
answered May 14 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (32,830 points)
+1 vote

Yes, it is. See . Although some more caches could be added to the checker - the list is not complete.

answered May 14 by NLBokkie (2,520 points)
edited May 14 by NLBokkie
I take it back!! Looking at the checker code I see that PGC has a query especially to pull the oldest (active?) cache in each country.

As a CO - how would you manage this? Allow a find on the oldest active cache or any cache older than that? There is no way, that as a CO you could verify that someone found the oldest cache, when in fact they found the second oldest (at the time they found it) and since then both that and the oldest have been archived.