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No loading profile on Firefox?

0 votes
I am using Firefox on Windows 8.1 and the profile won’t load at all. Works well on my iPad.
asked May 17, 2019 in Bug reports by Aussiebrian (630 points)
Works fine for me in Firefox on Linux. Do you have updated Firefox to the current version?
I have the latest version of Firefox.
What errors you get?
I don't get errors. The page will not load and just looks like it is reloading all the time.
Try to disable your browser extensions.

1 Answer

0 votes
As the profile page is https - please check your security parameters. Please first set it to low a short time just to check this. Perhaps you have to tell firefox to use the as an exception.

And please check that you are already logged in.
answered May 17, 2019 by supertwinfan (12,850 points)
Thanks for the answer. It was actually the Project GC profile which will not load but think it might be the same problem.

How do you get Firefox to make an exception for the page?