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+1 vote
A few days ago, I earned the souvenir for completing the GeoTour of Saint-Omer in France. On it is shown in my souvenir-list, but on my Profile Stats on Project-GC it isn't. On the page with all souvenirs, it also still says 16 people earned this one. this is the same as last week, before I completed the GeoTour. Is it just a matter of time before if is shown in my list (all my other Profile Stats are up-to-date), or a bug?

Thanks a lot!
in Bug reports by CaracalShan (1.5k points)
I have found the same with the CITO souvenir - the answer given below - thanks

2 Answers

+3 votes
Due to a change in the Geocaching API, we are currently unable to refresh souvenir information. We are working to effect a change in this, but it's not something we can fix ourselves.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (166k points)
Thanks a lot! I recieved a souvenir for a Mega-event the week before, so I didn't encounter problems with it before. Good to hear it's not a bug :-)
I have the same problem with a giga event, which does not show up yet. But the Cito souvenir worked.
Same problem too for my last 8 souvenirs earned recently (4 Landers, 1 Giga, 1 Mega, 2 Countries)... Hope it will soon repaired...

Do I have to unlog and log again to obtain it now ?

Thanx for your answer.
Best regards
I would assume that as long as you have the souvenir on, it will appear automatically on Project-GC as soon as this is fixed.
Now there is one month gone. No progress with this problem?
Is there an estimated fix date?
Beginning of July, I think.
It's back again. Thanks to all who worked on this.
–3 votes
other ocasion I haven't souvenir that I had won. I had to delete the log and log it other with the same date.
by Ariberna (1.6k points)