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+10 votes
in Bug reports by Ragdoll. (850 points)
Was here to ask the same thing, we have 10 but 0 are listed.
Me too.  I’ve found 103 lab caches and currently zero showing

Whoa that was a bit startling when I checked the stats this morning

I wondered why my finds on Project-GC are 57 less than on  

Now I know.
Yep - my 40 labs have gone....
The entire Labcache tab is gone from the profile stats.
Given that it says on the Finds tab "x unique geocaches, including 0 lab caches", it would appear that this is indeed an error, and not PGC deciding to remove lab cache tracking.

I want my 11 cache types in a day back! :)
I initiated the labcache issue here as I'm not a facebook user. Thanks to  Jakuje for  bringing the information here.
Nevertheless I feel that for this bug report of missing labcaches it is the right place to do it on the project-gc site itself.
Thanks to all other for their input on this issues.
And special thanks to the Project GC - Team for resolving this bug.

5 Answers

0 votes

The Labcache tab has gone from the ProfileStats as well.

I tried to see if this was due to the LabCache module being disabled in the module settings for ProfileStats. This resulted in the following error:

Internal server error (5cec536c218770.25984884)
by Funky_Boris (9.8k points)
0 votes

Please, follow the Project-GC facebook to be informed about the ongoing issues and avoid wild guessing. This post describes the issue in detail:

The most of the issues with lab caches should be resolved soon.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
Ok, allt i ordning igen.
Why you Offerte the Information just for face**** User ??
Why you do not published it  on your own Site?
meybux, please, try to avoid offensive language here. I understand that you might not be using facebook so this is why I cross-posted it also here trying to help also others.
–1 vote
I would say so. My lab caches used to disappear sporadically from my stats page, but turning them off in settings then re-enabling them usually fixed it, but not this time.
by BFMC (3.6k points)
–1 vote
I think it could be due to API changes from Groundspeak - end of March they announced that they are cutting off the gpx information download for Lab caches

Could have been that the information was still on PGC servers up until now but it's not anymore and they can't refresh it via the same means anymore.
by ivss_xx (200 points)
–1 vote
The lab cache tab has gone because you have zero lab caches. This is normal - the tab does not show if you have no lab cache finds (ditto challenge tab, hides, FTFs, etc). The problem is why has PGC lost their lab cache data? I suspect a change in the API, however it was working with the new API, so I think a repair to some other part (TB data?) broke lab cache data.

I had 51 lab caches and 12 types in a day :-(

It's all very sad....
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.4k points)