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0 votes

A few weeks back me and a friend did an icon run in and around Seattle, Washington state, USA. We did a lot of types, incl HQ and APE, but the strange thing is that in my update profile stats it shows a maximum of 11 types. We also did some labcaches that day, but those are not included. The strange thing is that in my friend's profile stats, the labcaches were inlcluded: so his stats show a max of 12 types that day, so for him: labcaches were included! Can anyone please explain? Is this a bug of what can I do in order to update this info, so that my stats also show a max of 12, lab included?

Thanks a lot in advance,

in Miscellaneous by Palarunca (190 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
In order for lab caches to be displayed in your statistics you need to be a paying member of Project-GC (which you are) and also to have configured lab caches to be included in one's statistics on Statistics -> Profile Statistics -> Settings -> Include lab cache finds where applicable (as you have not).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (166k points)
Thanks pinkunicorn for the prompt answer!
I'm a paying member though, but where exactly can I find the option to include the lab caches in my statistics? When I click where you say, it says that all possible modules are enabled...
It shows something like "Showing 55 of 55 modules", I assume. Did you click ">Settings" just above that to open the settings for that page?
Now I found exactly where I had to tick it off! Thanks a lot for the great help!