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Why did i get "Log text too long"

+3 votes
Why did i get  "Log text too long" on with the little log text "Heute gesehen beim Event **GC84F2J  159/365 Mal wieder Land sehen**."?
asked Jun 9 in Support and help by kulona (150 points)
Got the same issue with another logtext. Seems to have nothing to do with the length of the text.

1 Answer

+4 votes
Sorry about this. We released a fix today that interprets's errors regarding too long log texts properly. At the same time we created a check in our end, before we start logging them. There was a very clear bug in this check.

The max log length is supposed to be 4000 characters. With our implementation it wasn't possible to submit a job. We will release a fix in five minutes.
answered Jun 9 by magma1447 (Admin) (208,230 points)