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My Souvenirs not updating [closed]

0 votes
So Geocaching . com shows I have 94 souvenirs but Project-GC seems to be stuck on 89.... its been that way through 2 cycles of updating my info, My Stats in Project-GC  show the Mega and 4 additional states were counted for the numbers but the corresponding souvenirs just are not showing up...
closed as a duplicate of: Souvenir not added
asked Jun 12 in Bug reports by Reaver61 (120 points)
closed Jun 12 by Jakuje (Moderator)
Additional info, the 4 states also show up in the map section correctly

1 Answer

0 votes

Have a look at

pinkunicorn stated that there's been an API change which has broken the souvenirs.

answered Jun 12 by sumbloke (Expert) (30,470 points)