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Persisting a polygon selection on map compare

0 votes
A typical use case of mine is to define a map compare filter which gives me a cache selection in a circle. Then I use the polygon tool to select one or more shapes within the circle to more precisely pick a specific set of caches into a vgps. In order to run the same filter later, I bookmark the URL that was generaeted out of my initial filter definition. Unfortunately, when I rerun the filter later, the plygon(s) are gone as their specification is not part of the bookmarked URL. Is there any chance to add the polygon definition to the URL parameters?

Alternatively, is there any other method to accompllish what I just described? Any method to persist the polygon definition? Of course it would be required to edit the polygon(s) on a subsequent filtering session and persist the new polygon(s) too.
asked Jun 12 in Support and help by hxdimpf (190 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Think this is too difficult and as project-gc is not a map tool itself, this is not possible.

Perhaps you should decribe this in the feature request section.

answered Jun 13 by supertwinfan (6,710 points)