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Map - Hidden Month in TOOLS never gives results for me, is there something wrong ? [closed]

0 votes
Map - Hidden Month in TOOLS never gives results for me, is there something wrong ?
closed with the note: solved
asked Jun 17 in Support and help by TeamJohMar (120 points)
closed Jun 17 by TeamJohMar
What filters do you use? Please, add a link to the search you were trying.

1 Answer

0 votes
It works fine when I try to run it for your username. What is the exact URL of the search you are attempting?
answered Jun 17 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (126,060 points)
You are requesting to see only caches published in January of 2019, and at the same time you have logged caches published in January 2019 already. Since you don't supply a Loop filter set to a higher number than the number of caches published in January 2019 that you have already found, there is nothing to display.
Ok this works using the loop.
Still strange because my jasmer checker indicates i have no find for Aug 2010 but since there is only a result with at least the loop counter on 2 there should be a find for that month.  I will try to get that cleared ... problem solved, thanks for the speedy answers.
Well now it's even more clear.
The jasmer checker gives no find for aug 2010.
But I did have one find for aug 2010 but NOT in the Netherlands.
So the filter is a bit weird. When I select country Netherlands and aug 2010 it does not give results because I had 1 find in Germany ? Well for me it's clear now....
The filters on that page filter the suggestions you get for new caches to fill your holes, but they don't filter your finds. I.e. you can't use this page to do things like make a complete Jasmer with just Multi-caches from the Netherlands. If you have a find for a particular month, that month is considered done regardless of what the filters say.