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0 votes
I want see a list of the Geocachers that is indicated in the Checker that they qualify Ex GC85VHA currently shows 64 , in green, that qualify. How can I get a list of IDs of these 64 geocachers?
in Support and help by TheView (580 points)

2 Answers

+2 votes
It's not really possible. All you can retrieve (as far as I know) is the GUID related to the geocacher that validates the checker. But not possible to match this GUID with an actual geocacher pseudo
by Squall_Leonhart (790 points)
Where you can get the GUID of the geocacher who used the checker?
Thanks for the quick response. The Toolbox app used to provide the ID. I tried to retrieve for a puzzle cache and was told by Toolbox and Groundspeak it is no longer available. Reviewers are now requiring for Challenge geocaches that 10 other Geocachers also qualify before approving. To my knowledge there aren’t any tools readily available. Yes you can have a checker created prior to having a geocache approved but if the geocache is not approved the programmer has done work for nought. Of course a checker works after the geocache is online.
Specifically, I requested a Challenge geocache requiring certain finds in Alaska. I live in Ohio. Reviewer required I determine 10 cachers in Ohio to also qualify before approving my request. It was a four step tedious process to do this. Now that the geocache is established, the checker says 64 people qualify. I would like to know where these 64 people are from. TheView
It is standard practice lately for reviewers to require that at least ten people somewhat local to the cache (including the cache owner) have completed the challenge and that all challenges have a checker, before publication.

For clarity, when the checker says that 64 people have qualified, that means that 64 of the people that have tried the checker have qualified. That doesn't tell you anything about how many people that qualify there are in total. There will almost certainly be people that qualify that haven't tested the checker, and if the checker has been run multiple times for the same username (which doesn't have to belong to the person actually running the checker) I would think they are counted multiple times.
Thank you for your recent comment. Worse case scenario, the same person accessed the checker for 64 successes either using their ID or someone else’s. Best case scenario, there are actually 64 unique geocachers qualified. If the Reviewer wants 10 geocacher IDs who qualify before giving approval for publishing, there is still a problem satisfying the Reviewer’s request. I don’t think it is proper to request some form of checking ( checker or status) prior to publishing  although they could work in parallel if the programmer is willing. But then their efforts may be in vain if the geocached is not published. If Groundspeak allows for requesting qualified geocachers prior to approval, then maybe they should provide for identifying who s qualified. I will take up with Groundspeak because it is their rule. Thank you fir your comments and time.
+1 vote
As far as I know, you can't access that list.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)