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Feature request: batch log geocaches from fieldnotes

+5 votes
I request an option to automatically batch log lot of geocaches from myfinds.txt file from Garmin.
We had this feature on another software but it is not working anymore. I'm looking for an option to upload txt or .csv file, Edit logs when it is ready, publish them all on in the same way as discover trackables.
I believe that mostly it is handy for powertrails or longer geocaching trips but it may save the time of opening each page, writing log, submiting, then again closing page also for simple weekend caching of 20-30 caches.
Option to add different log for each cache is essential.
asked Jul 8, 2019 in Feature requests by udajs_16 (170 points)
This would indeed be interesting but the option to have a different log for each cache will make it difficult to use I'm afraid. This would leave the task basically unchanged with the main change that one can edit all in one go, without submitting and going to the next cahe, right?
Yes, for example there might be powertrail with 100 caches so you can just upload list of GC codes you have found and want to log. They might have the same log. If there are some special notes you can always edit the log later but at least you don't have to push Ctrl+C+V +Next 100 times.

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