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The count for the badge The Calendar Cacher is not changing

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The count in the badge The Calendar Cacher does no change - it is stuck on 722. I thought this count should add one each different day (date) I log a cache.
asked Jul 9, 2019 in Support and help by sveinivar (220 points)
recategorized Jul 9, 2019 by pinkunicorn (Moderator)

3 Answers

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The calendar cacher badge does not count all days you find a cache only unique days irrelevant from year.

If you fill the first calendar, the second round starts counting and so on.

You are stuck on 722, because you already filled the first round, but miss 10 days for the second round. To see which dates you are still missing for the second round, use either "Needed found dates" tool or the "Finds by found date" in profile stats, which shows several dates where you have only one find per date and which you should focus on if you want to move on with this statistics.

answered Jul 9, 2019 by Jakuje (Moderator) (103,320 points)
selected Jul 9, 2019 by sveinivar
I think this answer is incorrect. I have all days filled with at least 3 caches. One Date, Dec 16, has only 3 caches found and I have been awarded a "3" add-on. I checked and I had found 1 cache on each of 3 different years. When I do a search for Loop 4 only Dec 16 is shown as being needed.
On Dec 25, I have found 6 caches - 1 in 2009, 1 in 2012, and 4 in 2019. IF this Badge was actually checking Days cached with logged finds, Dec 25 should be required for Loop 4. Dec 25 is not required until I check for Loop 7.
Therefore, the badge is not checking for days cached, it is checking for total Number of caches found on any given day of the year. If you find 10 caches on April 1 of one year and never find another on that date in any other year. It won't say you need another find on April 1 until you search for Loop 11.
You could not have an Add-on higher than 5 because there have only been 5 Leap Days since May, 2000.
Nobody says the badge is checking for "days cached". It is and has always been caches found on days irrelevant of year.
The badge description says, "Awarded for finding caches on different calendar days."
The badge says, "I have 1463 and need 1 more to go up a level." Dec 16 is my lowest number with 3 caches found. I have to wait until Dec 16 to get that 1.  I then suddenly have 1828 and need X more to reach the next level?
IF so, then this is just a cache Loop counter. And the Badge Description is WRONG.
A new cacher joins on Jan 1, 2020. He finds 5 caches on every day of 2020. He has found caches on only 366 different calendar days but is awarded 1830.
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The Calendar badge is completed (the first time) after you have logged a cache on all possible dates of the calendar (excluding year), i.e. filled your calendar (366 dates). You can then loop the badge, meaning that you have two logs on each date in the calendar. Having two logs on each date will give you a badge count of 732 (assuming you don't have any extra logs). In practice, you will probably have logged more than two caches on some of the dates, and for each date that you then have a third log will count towards your third loop. However, extra logs on a date that is already complete in the loop you are currently working with do not increase the badge count.

Since you are now at 722 which is pretty close to 732 (two full years), you would only have ten more dates to log a second cache on to complete your second loop. Only logs on these dates will increase the badge count.
answered Jul 9, 2019 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (147,300 points)
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I would recommend to fill up the found on 29/2/2020. Please check

and filter <round 2>

You see wihich date is needed for 2nd round.

Please keep in mind that there are 2 different types of Badges.

Calendar Cacher and Daily Cacher which is days in a row.

Good luck. Only 10 days left.

answered Jul 12, 2019 by supertwinfan (13,360 points)