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search for caches placed before 2006

0 votes
I have been told that you can search for caches that are old, but I don't know how.

I would appreciate some help. Also interested in how I find my logs that qualify for unloved challenges.

asked Jul 9 in Support and help by Papi4506 (120 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes
Map compare (under the Tools menu) is about the easiest way to find the old caches. There's a filter you can add "From / To Hidden date". Bear in mind that you don't need to enter any second cacher (in "Compare to") if you're just looking for caches.

For unloved caches, look in the Statistics menu, under "Cache stats" and you'll find a tool called "Days since last found".
answered Jul 10 by sumbloke (Expert) (30,470 points)
–1 vote

I would recommend

then use the filter hidden from / to

Additional you can use filters like country or region

answered Jul 12 by supertwinfan (7,430 points)
This will list only caches hidden in the months that you have not found yet a cache. If you want to search for all old caches placed before some date, use sumbloke answer.
0 votes
Just to be sure - you are aware that PQs can be filtered per date as well, right? This requires a premium account, though.
answered Jul 15 by Domino_67 (5,820 points)
0 votes


you can also try to use Statistics > top logged or something similar (Choose nick and region) and then use filter From / To Hidden date. You don't need to use second nickname as in map compare. Then you can get it into map:

If you need only to find a geocache for Jasmer challenge, MapHiddenMonth tool is especially for this case. 

answered Jul 16 by TominoTO (890 points)