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in Support and help by Czechsun (130 points)
Can you clarify what and where, ideally with links and images, since from this sentence it is not clear (at least for me) what are you asking.
I am using the geocaching cache page to help identiy the counties in which each cache is located.  Sometimes when I logged, that county information was missing and the banner across the top would indicate that I was not logged on to Project GC.  I would click on the symbol (evergreen tree) and be directed to the Project GC site to authenticate and agree.  When I returned to the geocaching page, the notation in the banner would be changed to "Paid Membership" and the county information would be available.  During the past week, that has not worked.  The notation in the banner remains "Not Logged in" and caounty information is not available.
Might this be a problem on, rather than on
Is this still occurring?

Sounds like it could have been a temporary error.

1 Answer

0 votes
Every now and then, de-authorizes project-gc, and you need to re-authorize. I assume it's a security issue, if that fails, either or is probably undergoing maintenance, and you have to wait.

Alternatively, maybe your project-gc membership has run out, and you need to renew it.
by MAS83 (2.0k points)