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+3 votes

It would be nice to have also flag of Sark island whenever is needed, e.g. in the Profile Stats/Maps. This flag could be found at



related to an answer for: Sark country is not assigned to Europe
in Bug reports by ivans (350 points)
Good idea it is a crown dependency like many other... (channel island). are you a resident??
No, we are not Sark residents.
Greetings fro Prague (CZ) and Happy New Year
Ivan and Jitka

2 Answers

+1 vote
The Sark flag has been around in Profile Stats for while. In BadgeGen it is still a broken link, as there was/is no graphic for it. That will change with the update of BadgeGen in the coming weeks: Sark will finally get its own Badge.

Please note that currently Sark has a joined ISO 3166-alpha code with Guernsey (GG), but Project-GC uses the unassigned ZS. Just this week it was announced that Sark got approved for an own ISO code after 20 years. They applied for SQ, so it could be that this will change in the future.
by clappy (16.3k points)
Thanks for this interesting story about this long battle.
Project-GC is great!
0 votes
The Sark flag has been added for quite some time now – thanks a lot for this! –, but there is still no correct state badge in the BadgeGen section of profile stats, just a broken image question mark. When you hover over it you get the correct information as with the other state badges, but no flag image. Is this an oversight or is there a technical problem with this?
by k+gw+a (12.6k points)