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In a virtual GPS I sorted it by "Finds" ascending.  The value in finds was zero.  However there were yellow happy smileys next to it.  Where did they come from.  There should not be any. GC7TB7F was one cache that had this problem

Can others replicate?
in Bug reports by sloth96 (3.7k points)
Please post the query you used - from the address bar of your browser.
It would be great if I could easily post graphic content directly to a request without it needing to be hosted elsewhere.
It dawned on me how to share this.

Create a virtual GPX with only the cache GC8CW2M in it.

Look at the column with the smiles.  All 5 are filled in.

I was UNABLE to reproduce this.  The cache shows 15 finds for me.

Are you still having the problem sloth96?

The cache in the description still does not have more than one find and the latest logs still lists 5 more smileys.
Think the confusion comes from the fact that once a GPs is created and sent to a gps real or virtual the cache data is not updated anymore. Only one log on the moment when you create the gpx, in then years later it will still be the only log if you open the gpx . The cache above has 21 one logs on the moment I wrote this. Data might be obsolete by the time someone reads my 2 cents
Jakuje gets it.  The cache in the original cache now has one find in the finds column and multiple smiles in the latest log.

GC3M4N3 has no finds in finds column and 5 smiles next to it in the Latest Logs column.

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