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Minor "Statistics > Cache stats > Caches per area". bugs

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I had some fun exploring the "Statistics > Cache stats > Caches per area". (I was trying to find all the US counties that have only 1 cache.

I found a couple of small errors:

The "United States / District of Columbia" output has a formatting error, at least on my browser (Firefox on Win10). Because it only has one graph bar, the line extends all the way to the right, and the "count" displayed to its right is overlaid with the Project-GC text, making it a little hard to read.

The "United States / Florida" list displays a blank 68th county, with a cache count of 1. (Florida only has 67 counties.)
Likewise for Georgia: blank 160th county, with a cache count of 1. (Georgia only has 159 counties.)
Likewise for South Carolina: blank 47th county with 1
Likewise for Texas: blank 255th county with 1
asked Aug 1, 2019 in Bug reports by Spooty (150 points)
Looking at the favorite points per area there is possibly the same graphic issue making it hard.  

However there are 2 rows.  One would think the two statistics would agree on the number of subdivisions of DC.

1 Answer

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The graphical issue is something we just haven't prioritized. I made a fix in our development environment for this particular page now. The issue probably exists in many other places as well though.

Regarding the counties with empty names. These are the geocaches in Florida with an empty county name:

| gccode  | archived | region  | latitude  | longitude  |
| GC1449  |        1 | Florida | 27.000000 | -82.883333 |
| GC5285  |        1 | Florida |  0.000000 |   0.000000 |
| GC52D3  |        1 | Florida |  0.000000 |   0.000000 |
| GC85D0  |        1 | Florida |  1.000000 | -83.016667 |
| GCG89Z  |        1 | Florida | 29.999983 | -81.000000 |
| GCGVHP  |        1 | Florida | 30.000000 | -81.000000 |
| GC5808D |        0 | Florida | 29.652683 | -84.500133 |

As you can see all but one is archived (second column). If we then focus on GC5808D which actually isn't archived.

The geocache is to far out in the sea to match any county polygons. The geocache itself has the region Florida to it, entered by the cache owner. Project-GC can however not match any state or county to it by itself, because it simply isn't in any. The region from the cache owner is used though, but as you probably are aware, there are no county data in the geocache-metadata.

When a geocache isn't inside any polygon (county) we do use the nearest one, up to a certain distance. This seems to be further away than that configured max distance.

answered Aug 12, 2019 by magma1447 (Admin) (221,810 points)