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+1 vote
I have 1300 logged caches and 130 FP!
in Support and help by Jabriz (130 points)
Can you clarify what is your question? How do you want to delete favorite points?

1 Answer

–1 vote
Do you mean that you have logged 1300 caches and given out 130 favourite points, and you want to know if (without wanting to, i.e. unconsciously), you might accidentally delete some of those given favourite points?

 Or do you deliberately want to withdraw some of your given fp’s?

If the former, then it is difficult to delete one without going onto the cache page and scrolling through the fp menu which will have the option to ‘remove favourite’. If the latter, then you can use the same menu to remove a favourite point from a cache, if you really wanted to.
by GCZ Team (21.9k points)
An easier way to delete FPs is to go to and select the tick boxes for all caches you want to remove the FP from (e.g. archived caches), then click Remove from Favourites at the bottom.