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How do I get a list of Ohio counties where I found geocaches?

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asked Aug 8 in Support and help by Grizsly Bear (120 points)

2 Answers

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If you are a paying member of Project-GC then go to:

Project-GC  > Tools > Map Counties.

Here are your results:

Adams County (OH)        0

Allen County (OH)           0

Ashland County (OH)     0

Ashtabula County (OH) 54

Athens County (OH)       0

Auglaize County (OH)     0

Belmont County (OH)    0

Brown County (OH)        0

Butler County (OH)         0

Carroll County (OH)         0

Champaign County (OH)               0

Clark County (OH)            0

Clermont County (OH)   0

Clinton County (OH)       0

Columbiana County (OH)              4

Coshocton County (OH)                0

Crawford County (OH)   0

Cuyahoga County (OH)  294

Darke County (OH)          0

Defiance County (OH)    0

Delaware County (OH)  0

Erie County (OH)              0

Fairfield County (OH)     0

Fayette County (OH)      0

Franklin County (OH)      5

Fulton County (OH)         0

Gallia County (OH)           0

Geauga County (OH)      16

Greene County (OH)      0

Guernsey County (OH)  0

Hamilton County (OH)   0

Hancock County (OH)     0

Hardin County (OH)        0

Harrison County (OH)     0

Henry County (OH)         0

Highland County (OH)    0

Hocking County (OH)      0

Holmes County (OH)      0

Huron County (OH)         0

Jackson County (OH)      0

Jefferson County (OH)  0

Knox County (OH)           0

Lake County (OH)            12

Lawrence County (OH)  0

Licking County (OH)        0

Logan County (OH)          0

Lorain County (OH)         29

Lucas County (OH)           2

Madison County (OH)    0

Mahoning County (OH) 21

Marion County (OH)       0

Medina County (OH)      87

Meigs County (OH)         0

Mercer County (OH)       0

Miami County (OH)         0

Monroe County (OH)     0

Montgomery County (OH)           2

Morgan County (OH)      0

Morrow County (OH)     0

Muskingum County (OH)              0

Noble County (OH)         0

Ottawa County (OH)       0

Paulding County (OH)    0

Perry County (OH)           0

Pickaway County (OH)   0

Pike County (OH)             0

Portage County (OH)      307

Preble County (OH)        1

Putnam County (OH)      0

Richland County (OH)     24

Ross County (OH)            0

Sandusky County (OH)  1

Scioto County (OH)         0

Seneca County (OH)       0

Shelby County (OH)        0

Stark County (OH)           1292

Summit County (OH)      1536

Trumbull County (OH)    27

Tuscarawas County (OH)              22

Union County (OH)         0

Van Wert County (OH)  0

Vinton County (OH)        0

Warren County (OH)      0

Washington County (OH)             0

Wayne County (OH)       10

Williams County (OH)     1

Wood County (OH)         0

Wyandot County (OH)   0
answered Aug 8 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (34,770 points)
This lists also the counties without a find.
+1 vote

The list of counties where you found a cache is available in the profile stats, under the Map tab. Just click on the "Counties", then "Ohio" and you will get the list you want:

Summit County (OH) Summit County (OH): 1504Trumbull County (OH) Trumbull County (OH): 27Franklin County (OH) Franklin County (OH): 5
Cuyahoga County (OH) Cuyahoga County (OH): 294Richland County (OH) Richland County (OH): 24Columbiana County (OH) Columbiana County (OH): 4
Stark County (OH) Stark County (OH): 280Tuscarawas County (OH) Tuscarawas County (OH): 22Montgomery County (OH) Montgomery County (OH): 2
Portage County (OH) Portage County (OH): 272Mahoning County (OH) Mahoning County (OH): 21Lucas County (OH) Lucas County (OH): 2
Medina County (OH) Medina County (OH): 87Geauga County (OH) Geauga County (OH): 16Williams County (OH) Williams County (OH): 1
Ashtabula County (OH) Ashtabula County (OH): 54Lake County (OH) Lake County (OH): 12Sandusky County (OH) Sandusky County (OH): 1
Lorain County (OH) Lorain County (OH): 29Wayne County (OH) Wayne County (OH): 10Preble County (OH) Preble County (OH): 1
answered Aug 8 by Jakuje (Moderator) (94,120 points)