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+2 votes
The Adventure Lab hides that I have are included in my TOTAL HIDES on my Groundspeak profile but not the Project GC profile.  Can this be corrected?
in Support and help by PWCinPC (270 points)

The Lab Caches are only visible within a premium (paid) membership.

I do not think the hidden Adventure Lab caches are visible to Project-GC at all, but I might be wrong since I do not have any Adventure Lab cache found neither hidden.
I'm pretty sure that you are correct: Adventure Lab hides are not visible via the API.
My question relates to HIDES and I am a premium member with Groundspeak and a paid membership on Project-GC.  So the question remains, WHY are they not including the HIDES in my TOTAL count?  Groundspeak has them included.
As already said, most  probably because Adventure Labs hides are not available in the Groundspeak API. If that is true, there is nothing Project-GC can do about this. You (or magma1447 as an authorized developer) can just urge Groundspeak to add this functionality. But magma1447 needs to verify.

1 Answer

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You can close this ticket.

Since a few month, lab caches are included in the total count in the profile statistic of PCG
by micha_de (7.1k points)
selected by PWCinPC
I wish you a happy new year :-)

Can you point me to the place where my lab cache hides are available in my profile? I do not see them neither in the Lab Caches nor in the Hides tab.